Travelling for work is one of my least favourite things.  Aside from having to fight my homing pigeon instincts you have to work really hard to eat healthily.  All those fast food temptations to make your life easier are the devil’s influence.  Luckily I’m only away from home overnight but already I’m craving a little home cooking and the opportunity to graze on a few strawberries or beans plucked fresh as they can be right off the plant in the kitchen garden.

But I planned ahead and cut myself a  slab of home made cake – cherry and almond bake – my own home from home comfort food. After scrabbling through my bags several times I was horrified to find my cake was not there.  Either I’d forgotten to pack it or more likely it was stolen from my carry on bag.  You see it was delayed in the x-ray security machine for a few minutes and subject to much discussion.  I can’t be sure but with a cake that looks this good I wouldn’t blame them for sneaking it away.