I’ve been the April fool so often. The annual sport to trip me up or trick me out. And, for someone who really, and I mean, really, doesn’t like to be teased there was no fun in the fooling around.

There was the time I was convinced that I’d got a speeding ticket. Another year I was.  I can’t even recall. I’ve erased such purgatory from my mind. All I can remember is that there’s no ho, ho, ho on April 1 for me.

Confession – I have a fear and hatred for 1 April.

This year, I hope that all my fears and foibles don’t come back to haunt me.  This 1 April feels like a good time to renew.

To kick start, to activate some new habits. Like writing for the heck of it.

For so long my mind has been wandering, worrying and procrastinating on building a new professional life. But, I feel a chink opening up that will allow me to write for pleasure.

Talking to some MBA students this week they were curious what was my creative indulgence. After all, that’s what I was advocating to them.

Cue epiphany.  What a fool I am :o)

So here I am.

Hello world, this is the first post in a very long while.