Sometimes it takes me a little longer than most people to catch on.  But once I do there is now stopping me.  Last year I took a nervous step into jam making.  This year I was determined to get jamming again.  OK, I admit, the strawberry season was all but over when I finally dusted off the preserving pan but better late than never I did introduce my mother-in-law to the haphazard approach to making jam.

Out walking the dogs yesterday I was waylaid amongst the brambles and came home with a massive bag of juicy blackberries.  One of the regular dog walkers saw me and chuckled asking if I’d be pie.  In that split second I decided not pie – jam.  After all only strawberry jam in your cupboard can be a little dull.

So tonight I made what I have called Tunnel Gully Blackberry Jam. No harm in stating the obvious I feel.  The only trouble was that when I was done dripping hot blackberries around I couldn’t help myself and reached for the plums as well.  So now we have a choice of stawberry, blackberry or plum jam.  By the end of the week, that range will have extended to include apricot jam.

The only disappointment I have is why didn’t someone tell me earlier in my life about the importance of jam making.  Not only does it stock the pantry but it’s good for the soul.  There is nothing that grounds you and grabs your attention than a pan of boiling sugar reaching 104 degrees. And the rush you get when you finally get that wrinkle in your jam on a cold plate.

Now all I need to do is master the art of making bread and butter to create the perfect culinary combination.