Trussed up like a turkey

After all the excitement of the weekend I’ve been made to suffer by the physiotherapist this week. Not only has that not been nice physically but the mental torture of MT who has been delighted all week and singing his little ditty of “I told you so”.

Let me explain.

Friends and family will be aware of my defective back. This has blighted me for the last twenty years has off. Anyway, a month ago it (the back) went again so off I went to the quacks to get more painkillers and a referral to the physio.

In kiwi land you can get remedial treatment covered by the Accident Compensation Corporation which you pay for as part of a wage levy (a bit like NI). So off I went to the physio who diagnosed strong tape to make my back straight and exercises to bend zee knees.

It’s been absolutely rotten – I appear for the last 20 of so years to have compensated for bad back by not lifting, sitting or moving properly and now I’ve forgotten how to do it and my muscles have rebelled and don’t work properly.

MT is loving it as he’s always complaining I don’t bend my knees, lift of bend properly. After four days of tape on my back up I’ve ripped it off (very painful I can tell you) but now the trick is to continue bending, stretching and generally getting back on balance.

Once I’ve mastered the basics I’m going to be packed off to pilates – not looking forward to the pain that I know that will generate with muscles I don’t even know are there. Still, at least the back pain has eased which can only be a good thing.

Must say though – the trussed up turkey is not a good look and not much fun!

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