Seasonal Transitions of the Culinary Kind

As if having a significant birthday this week wasn’t enough of a reminder of the passing of time, there is plenty of evidence in the kitchen garden to remind me that the summer growing season is over. … [Continue Reading]

Kitchen Garden

That’s what friends are still for

One of the benefits of getting older is that you can fully appreciate the beauty of long term friendships.  Having the kind of friends that indulge your idiosyncrasies to give you what you need time … [Continue Reading]



It wasn’t just the clocks that receded last weekend but our summer was also replaced by a gloomy kind of autumn. An autumn with few redeeming features or comfort.   No marvellous mist nor autumnal … [Continue Reading]

Cape Kidnappers

Feeling a charlie with Charli

It's often the simplest questions that can baffle me.  Like, "So why are you a photographer? " I buy time with my response.  "Great question!"  Even now I struggle to answer that question directly, … [Continue Reading]


Don’t be fooled

It may 1 April but this is no April fool trick.  I’m back with high falutin blogging ambitions. Although autumn is upon us this summer has broad shoulders and is still warming body and soul. … [Continue Reading]

Beach Portrait

Beans means so many things

As auspicious dates go, 22 February, is mine. The international date line stole that day eight years ago as I shifted my life from the UK to New Zealand.  Three years ago, the Christchurch earthquake … [Continue Reading]

Beans Means

Seeing the wood from the trees

    Over the last few weeks I took an unofficial sabbatical from blogging.  It was so unofficial that I didn’t even tell myself.  Instead, somewhere deep in my subconscious I was … [Continue Reading]

Wood For Trees

No Looking Back

Life’s flotsam and jetsam reverberates at this time year.  People are looking back on the previous year to reflect on the best, the worst and the most significant.  One of the most fascinating … [Continue Reading]

Bassets 2013-12-14 DSC_1050

Bountiful Resolutions

Refreshed from a week of rest and festive indulgence I am now looking down the barrel of several more weeks on domestic leave.  This is the time of year when there is no time for contemplation and … [Continue Reading]

Kitchen Garden2013-12-26 DSC_1071

On Being Lost for Words

In the last few weeks my mind has been like a candle flickering in the wind.  Stretched to its limits with studying and some intense work assignments, my poor brain deserves a break.  Strangely though … [Continue Reading]


Summer’s delight

If the roses are anything to go by we have signs of summer.  It’s true we’ve been basking in blue skies and gentle clouds with no rain for weeks but I refuse to tempt fate.  Let’s just say that the … [Continue Reading]

Rose 070

Blogging and bassets

I have a recalcitrant basset fighting my Macbook so he can sit on my lap. For now, the laptop computer has possession of the lap, but a basset snout can be a forceful instrument so you can be sure … [Continue Reading]

Bassets 070

Putting the spring into my gardening

It is a painful thwack to the head when the obvious hits me, especially when accompanied by that hateful know-it-all voice inside your head that says, "I told you so".   Professionally I'd call this … [Continue Reading]

Kitchen Garden 070 (1)

Myths and finding the perfect cookie

Who'd have thought that the study of food would have such heavy weight academic pretensions? It's been a sobering start to the latest unit in my course after being thrown knee deep in the Mythologies … [Continue Reading]

Pecan Cookie 071

Kia Ora

I'm a photography obsessed, basset hound loving Brit living the good life in New Zealand. Welcome to the journal of my daily exploits.
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