Shopping Like a Foodie

Deep in its core my brain is still processing memories of my trip to the UK. It's piecing together the fragments of conversations, of meals, experiences, fleeing moments and promises made. Three … [Continue Reading]

Borough Market

Basset Mobility

When the iPhone was first launched some of the photography fraternity got very sniffy about its legitimacy as a proper camera. After all, no self-respecting photographer would use a phone to take … [Continue Reading]

Basset Walk  2014-06-121 (1)

The State of Winter Gardening

A month ago the kitchen garden was dishevelled and in serious need of a sprucing up. Although the warm and wet weather was a nutritious boost to the winter vegetables it was the weeds and wayward … [Continue Reading]

Kitchen Garden 2014-06-0819

Kitchen Reader: A Moveable Feast

A return trip from New Zealand to the UK means you are cocooned in dimly lit aircraft cabins for over 40 hours. After eating and sleeping time you are still left with what can seem like interminable … [Continue Reading]


Hound Dogs

People often mistake a basset's doleful looks as a sign of low intelligence. But no, bassets are deeply thoughtful dogs who act almost entirely in service of themselves. Asking a basset hound to … [Continue Reading]

Hound Dogs

Sweet As: Winter Warmer

Tomorrow marks the passing of another season when we will slip officially into winter.  This takes away any legitimate reason for any of us in New Zealand to moan and gripe about the cold, wind, rain … [Continue Reading]

Ginger Cake 2014-05-27

The Boys Are Back Nose To Ground

Loitering at the lunch table of a workshop last week whilst I contemplated whether to snaffle the last chicken satay my ears pricked up to a conversation about the annoyance someone felt about the … [Continue Reading]

Bassets 2014-04-0518

Food and Fifty

If ever I needed a lie flat-bed on an airplane it was when flying home from Melbourne last Sunday.  After several days of eating and walking and eating, my body needed more TLC than being slumped into … [Continue Reading]

Cake 2014-04-222

Seasonal Transitions of the Culinary Kind

As if having a significant birthday this week wasn’t enough of a reminder of the passing of time, there is plenty of evidence in the kitchen garden to remind me that the summer growing season is over. … [Continue Reading]

Kitchen Garden

That’s what friends are still for

One of the benefits of getting older is that you can fully appreciate the beauty of long term friendships.  Having the kind of friends that indulge your idiosyncrasies to give you what you need time … [Continue Reading]



It wasn’t just the clocks that receded last weekend but our summer was also replaced by a gloomy kind of autumn. An autumn with few redeeming features or comfort.   No marvellous mist nor autumnal … [Continue Reading]

Cape Kidnappers

Feeling a charlie with Charli

It's often the simplest questions that can baffle me.  Like, "So why are you a photographer? " I buy time with my response.  "Great question!"  Even now I struggle to answer that question directly, … [Continue Reading]


Don’t be fooled

It may 1 April but this is no April fool trick.  I’m back with high falutin blogging ambitions. Although autumn is upon us this summer has broad shoulders and is still warming body and soul. … [Continue Reading]

Beach Portrait

Beans means so many things

As auspicious dates go, 22 February, is mine. The international date line stole that day eight years ago as I shifted my life from the UK to New Zealand.  Three years ago, the Christchurch earthquake … [Continue Reading]

Beans Means

Kia Ora

I'm a photography obsessed, basset hound loving Brit living the good life in New Zealand. Welcome to the journal of my daily exploits.
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Awake Again & Raring To Go

Killing time at Heathrow airport last week I was tempted to treat myself to a Fitbit, the latest gizmo to help you track your lifestyle. I dread to think it may have said about me this week as I … [Read More...]

Travelling Foodie

In the 8 years I have lived away from the UK there has been a revolution in the foodscape of the UK.  Knowing that I love good food, friends and family have indulged my gastronomic interest giving me … [Read More...]

Culture Vultures

Although technology is certainly a marvellous thing, you’ve got to hand it to the cultural philanthropists of the 19th century who established galleries and museums so the wider public could gain … [Read More...]

Staying In Touch

It's a marvel of ingenuity and engineering that I was able to send a short video home to @m_treanor of what I was seeing from the train window within seconds just using my iPhone. He then messaged … [Read More...]

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